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Welcome to the 92nd Wisconsin FFA Convention

Welcome to the 92nd Wisconsin FFA Convention! We are glad you could join us for this  special event and are happy to be back in Madison celebrating an unforgettable year.  Looking back, the State FFA Theme of Unstoppable continues to epitomize who FFA  members truly are. The dictionary definition of Unstoppable is, “Impossible to stop or  prevent,” and we believe the only thing that is impossible to stop are FFA members.  

It all starts with action. FFA members have initiated action because they have the will to  make change in this world. This past year, members across our state have continued to fill  the needs in their communities through service, explore new horizons and seek progress for  the future of agriculture through their Supervised Agricultural Experiences, and persevere  together by developing the character and courage they will have for the rest of their life. 

Wisconsin FFA is honored to recognize FFA members, advisors, alumni, and supporters  who have lived out our theme of Unstoppable. During convention, we encourage you to  attend sessions and workshops, network with exhibitors in the Convention Expo, and meet  fellow members. 

At this, 92nd Wisconsin FFA Convention, let’s celebrate Wisconsin FFA’s rich legacy and the  next generation of leaders who are Unstoppable!

Replays of all Sessions will be available starting Monday, July 12th and will be available until October 12, 2021.