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Giving the Gift of Blue

June 14, 2022 Other Awards

The FFA Organization tries to give back to its members as often as they can. The new program they recently started in 2014 is the Gift of Blue. The FFA blue jacket is a symbol of this organization, and unites us all and has been a long-standing tradition within the organization. With the Give the Gift of Blue program, FFA donors have helped provide more than 14,000 blue jackets to FFA members in need. Giving the gift is a reminder to those students that they are part of something bigger than themselves. The goal of this program is to inspire members to learn, grow, and serve. 

It was just introduced to the Wisconsin FFA last year with the team members of the 2020-2021 team starting it. They are and will continue to donate 10 jackets each year to FFA members that are in need. This process is done by having advisors submit a form of application for one of their students that they believe deserves the Gift of Blue. 

Bailey Hinkfuss was one of ten FFA members that were given the Gift of Blue. “I had absolutely no clue I was getting the jacket. I was told I was a fill-in for someone, and then they called my name, and I was super confused!” Hinkfuss is excited to finally have her own jacket and “not be another person.” Addison Stilwell was another member that received her Gift of Blue. Stilwell knew she was receiving her jacket beforehand but still felt those emotions again when she received her jacket on stage at the convention. “I think it’s pretty cool she decided to choose me.” 

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