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Jakobi Named Wisconsin Star in Agricultural Placement Finalist

June 16, 2022 Star Award

Brandon Jakobi of the Loyal FFA is a Wisconsin Star in Agricultural Placement finalist.

The Star in Agricultural Placement award is given to students that are working in a variety of job opportunities in the agricultural industry.

Brandon grew up and works at his family farm helping with everything that is involved with running a dairy farm. In the beginning, his responsibilities included helping to feed the calves, scraping manure in the barn, dipping and wiping cows, and pitching hay. Now, his duties include everything from driving tractors during field work or haying season, to milking cows and caring for them, cleaning heifer pens and calf barn. Furthermore, he helps his dad with custom work for farmers including ag bagging services and a roasting setup for soybeans and corn.

In the fall, Bandon will be attending Northcentral Technical College where he is enrolled to pursue a degree in Agricultural Mechanics. After college, Brandon would like to take over his family’s farm while working as an CNC machinist.

Brandon’s parents are Dennis and Tracy Jakobi. His advisor is Ms. Stephanie Donnebauer.

Brandon Jakobi, 2022 Star in Agricultural Placement finalist!

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