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Koerner Wins Wisconsin FFA Agriscience Research Integrated Systems Award

June 13, 2023

The 2023 Agriscience Research Integrated Systems proficiency winner is Henry Koerner of the Big Foot FFA. This proficiency is sponsored by Wisconsin Public Service.

Henry wanted to find solutions for issues within the agricultural industry through his research.

Henry has researched a variety of AFNR pathways, such as plant science where he analyzed the effects of natural antimicrobials on plant tissue growth, biotechnology where he compared the amount of DNA extracted from an onion using different concentrations of enzymes, and environmental science where he utilized bacteria found in poultry feces as a bioremediation agent. All of Henry’s research projects have helped him to improve his research, problem solving, and thinking skills in the agriscience field.

Henry’s advisor is Lisa Konkel.

We would like to recognize the state finalists in Agriscience Research Integrated Systems:

            Second: Rebecca Konkel Bigfoot

Koerner will find out this summer if she is selected as one of four national finalists. If selected, Henry will compete at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Ind., in November.

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