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Kroll Wins Wisconsin FFA Turf Grass Management Proficiency

June 16, 2023 Proficiency

The 2023 Winner in Turf Grass Management is Carson Kroll of the Mineral Point FFA. This proficiency is sponsored by the Wisconsin FFA Convention Partners.

While golfing in the summertime, Carson witnessed the importance of the groundskeeper to the game of golf. This led Carson to become a groundskeeper at Dodge Point Country Club, a role in which he has served in for the last 4 years.Through this job, Carson has learned how to cut the greens to an appropriate height and fertilize based on the time of year and weather conditions, ensuring that the course is able retain proper nutrients. Additionally, Carson is responsible for trimming around the trees, buildings, and rims of sand bunkers of the course in an efficient, but neat manner to maintain the quality of the Country Club.

Carson’s advisor is Mike Robinson.

We would like to recognize the state finalists in Turf Grass Management:

Second: Riley Storm-Voltz, Union Grove

Third: Katie Goetzke, Waterford

Fourth: Luke Hying, Waterford

Kroll will find out this summer if he is selected as one of four national finalists. If selected, Carson will compete at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Ind., in November.

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