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Stewart Wins Agriscience Research – Animal Systems Proficiency

June 16, 2023

The 2023 Winner in Agriscience Research – Animal Systems is Mariah Stewart of the Big Foot FFA. This proficiency is sponsored by Elkhorn FFA Alumni.

Growing up in Southern Wisconsin surrounded by agriculture and her involvement in agricultural classes led Mariah to become interested in the animal breeding process. That led Mariah to conduct a research project on boar sperm, and what makes the sperm perform better in order to improve the success of artificial insemination. Through the trials, Mariah experimented with what could be added to the sperm to make it stronger and if there was a way to preserve sperm for a longer period of time. In her experiment, Mariah was able to increase sperm motility by 75%.

Mariah’s advisor is Lisa Konkel.

Mariah Stewart, your 2023 Agriscience Research – Animal Systems winner!